Our concerts and shows

We like to play in places of special interest and our music is particularly suited to this. We plan our performances to suit a particular event or a special place so that everything around you becomes part of the event.

Letters From The Voyage

Letters From The Voyage will paint pictures in your mind and every voyage will be an individual experience. Relax your soul and lift your spirits.

The Planets

The music of Holst like you've never heard or seen it before. From the hostile surface of Mars to the sinister beauty of Saturn and mystical landscape of Neptune.

Quad Sound

Quad Sound is actually a 3D imaging system which produces a more natural kind of surround sound than 5.1 or similar. The main focus comes from the stage area but small details sparkle around the listener and the clarity of the whole show is enhanced.

We’ve found that with Quad Sound we can create a much more intimate experience in smaller venues, where we share the same space as the audience. In larger venues the extra clarity is an added bonus for people sitting further away from the stage, helping them feel more included.

Crisium’s Quad sound system is in it’s early stages at the moment and we would welcome your feedback.

Please let us know what you think.

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